Hi and Welcome to “The Newbie Mart” where you will find a helping hand for “New” and “Intermediate Marketers”  We will keep you updated on what we find and offer some ideas that might be of help to you.

I am a former professional baseball player in the New York Yankee organization,  and a former Disk Jockey in Alaska and Washington states.  I have owned my own Glass Company business over the last 28 years.   Also, I am a published writer and  published nature photographer.

I have been an Internet Marketer since 2009, and have trained with some of the best instructors in the business.  I can point them out to you and help you with “Focus” which is an integral part of this business.  I will recommend products to you occasionally that come from people I trust and know to be honest, and have integrity.

I live with my wife Bonnie, in West Virginia, and spend some time in the winter on trips to Fort Myers Beach, Florida.